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   Original Mickey Mouse Club   
Best of the Original
Mickey Mouse Club


UPC: 786 936 293 692

$ 7.95

One of the quintessential children's programs of the 1950s,
THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB was a variety show featuring comedic skits, musical numbers,
cartoons, and guest stars. It featured a rotating cast of child and teenaged performers, including Annette Funicello, who became a popular teen idol both
during and after her stint on the program. THE BEST OF THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB collects the most entertaining sketches, singing, and dancing that
were featured on the program during its run from 1955 until 1959.
Walt Disney Treasures
The Mickey Mouse Club


Runtime:  5 Hours 12 Minutes
UPC: 786 936 239 331

$ 24.95

Do we have to spell it out for you? M-I-C! See this real soon! K-E-Y! Why? Well, remember that classic Twilight Zone episode about the stressed-out executive
who wills himself back to the summer of his youth, complete with cotton candy, merry-go-rounds, and band concerts? That's the nostalgic glow you'll get
watching the inaugural week of the hour-long series that made after-school time special for the first television generation. Monday was "Fun with Music Day,"
Friday was "Talent Round-Up Day," and in the middle, Wednesday was "Anything Can Happen Day." As host Leonard Maltin points out in liner notes that
accompany this two-disc set, The Mickey Mouse Club became a daily ritual and made overnight sensations of the young and talented cast, most notably
Annette Funicello. Each episode contains a newsreel featuring "news of the day" for kids, performances by Jimmie Dodd and the Mousketeers, appearances
by children's entertainers such as "balloonologist" Wally Boag, and Sooty -- a puppet character from England. Of course, each day featured a "Mouse-cartoon,"
too. It's all very quaint, very corny, and very '50s. The first installment of a daily career-guidance segment, for instance, shows boys how they can become
airline pilots and girls how they can be airline hostesses. What still shines through are the personalities of the troupe, many of whom inspired their own fan
clubs. Maltin interviews several former Mouseketeers, including Bobby, Karen, Doreen, Sharon, and Cubby, who warmly recall Dodd, the true leader of the
club, and their years as part of a pop-culture phenomenon. "Hey there, hi there, ho there" -- The Mickey Mouse Club is as welcome as can be on DVD.
Presentation: B&W
Sound: Dolby Digital
Features: Exclusive introductions by film
historian Leonard Maltin; Documentary
in which some of the original
Mouseketeers reunite to discuss their
time on the program.